Hi All ,
This might be a silly question but does anyone know I it's possible to still have indigestion and heart burn or nausea when being peg fed.
Mum had had the dietition show her a peg feeding tube but she is very reluctant at present. She suffers from nausea, acid reflux and heartburn/ indegestion.
I was wondering if anyone had experience of these symptoms continuing even with peg feeds. I'm hoping if I get some positive answers that these symptoms are not as bad after having a peg it might be something i coukd tell mum that might make her tbink its a good thing to have.
I know I can't make her have one and it's her choice at the end of the day but i just want to pass on as much positivity as I can.

Also on the other hand if mum decides not to have the peg and gets to the point of not being able to eat safely. What sort of symptoms of starvation will she experience.

Any advice greatly received, Jude x