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Thread: Difficulty in using the forum with a mobile phone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jude11 View Post
    Hi, after a fall on my frame I am in hospital and have been told mt frame will be too dangerous to use as my knee gives out. Really worried about getting from wheelchair to toilet on my own and they have suggested slide boarding to commode, has anyone else tried this successfully?
    Hi. Iam new to this forum and catching up on posts for tips and help etc. I don't yet have aformal MND diagnosis however my symptk s appear to be atypical. With regards transferring to commode with a transfer board I do this. I can no longer weight bear but carefully i can do the transfer. Once on the commode come the difficulty of removing clothing. I used to be able to do this by positioning the commode such that i had things i ould lean on on both sides. I would then lean one way and pull down, then the other way and so on until my clothes had cleared the aperture. Do my business and then repeat in reverse. All quite exhausting but possible. As my condition is now spreading to shoulders and arms and hands I can still transfer but require help jn removing and putting clothes back on. At times like this I wish I was a bloke . . .

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    Hi Annjac

    You seem to have posted at the tag end of a thread about mobile phone access, which as I said above, is a bit ironic really as it says something about the usability of the forum.

    Can I suggest you post in the "introducing myself" part of the forum?


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