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Thread: My Dad was diagnosed a couple of months ago

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    My Dad was diagnosed a couple of months ago

    I'm Katski, and my Dad is in his 60s. After a crisis in March last year he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act and was in and out of hospital (mostly in) for a year while doctors tried and failed to come up with an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. In March this year, thanks to the persistence of a very kind doctor, he finally underwent some neurological tests which revealed that he had MND (as well as what they've now decided is treatment-resistant psychotic depression, which is mostly under control). This was a bit of a smack in the face for me and the rest of the family, as at least with the mental illness there had been some hope of recovery. We're told the MND is progressing quickly, and he's been transferred from the mental hospital straight to a care home. He can't stand or walk unaided but thankfully he's started talking since the move to the care home, after a scary couple of months where he just didn't respond verbally to anything in the hospital, but he's just sad all the time. I'm the only other member of the family who also has depression so I (for better or worse) can empathise with him a bit more than everyone else, and it's just excruciating to know he's like this and that there's no timescale for when it might end. His favourite hobbies were gardening, hiking and painting, and he can't do any of those now. I don't think I really qualify as a carer as I haven't lived with my parents for several years and they're a couple of hours away from me so I only visit about once a month, but I am a person who cares.

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    Hi Katski and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your Dad's health problems. With the MND on top of his mental health diagnosis you've had a lot to cope with. All of us on the forum understand how difficult it is to come to terms with an MND diagnosis, so you are among friends.

    With everything that's going on with your Dad, please remember to take good care of yourself. Sending electronic hugs.

    Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.

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    Hi Katski and welcome.

    Sorry to hear about your dad and it must have been dreadful for him prior to diagnosis. Not that the going will be easier henceforth but maybe when you see him next you can take books on gardening and painting. My passion was fishing and even though I can no longer partake I love reading about it.

    Best wishes,
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    welcome Katski x

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    Hi Katski, I'm very sorry to hear about your dad's troubles. Psychosis is dreadfully difficult to deal with on its own. I didn't know that it can be linked to depression. Depression alone is hard enough to bear. So the later diagnosis of MND is a tripple wammy. What bad luck. It must have shaken you all to the core. I'm glad that your dad is now safely in a care home. I hope that works out and that your dad can experience some joy amongst the chaos. Take good care of yourself. Come back here for support and/or advice whenever you feel the need. Hugs, Lynne
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    Welcome Katski,

    This sounds like a difficult position and I feel for you - it is bad enough for me, dealing with motor neurone disease with what I hope is a fairly clear head, but to have psychotic depression as well must make it doubly difficult.

    Can I second the suggestion of some second hand experiences - for me, I cannot cycle as much as I used to, but I still enjoy watching the grand tours on the television.

    And is he still sectioned? Because if not, presumably when you see him you could take you out to a garden centre or some such in a wheelchair?




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    Welcome Katski,

    I am sorry about your father's MND diagnosis on top of his mental health issues - it must be very difficult for him to come to terms with what has been happening over the last year and a bit. I hope he can continue to get help for his mental wellbeing in the care home?

    Please look after your own health too.

    Love Ellie.
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