Dear all,

We’re making some big changes to our main website on Tuesday 14 May.

The new website – which you’ll find at our familiar address – has improved navigation options and an easier search function sitting on simply designed pages. This will make it more straightforward for visitors to find the information they need. It will also be easier for people using communications aids to control the navigation.

During the switch over on 14 May there will be interruption in the service from the website although we are working with the developers to minimise this. You may see a mix of old and new pages but within a few hours we should have all the new pages up and running providing a consistent look and feel.

Any links you have saved may need to be updated as some pages have been moved to different areas. Our main website address will remain the same -

Once the website is live, you will be able to provide feedback directly on the site, or you can share via the forum.