Hi Polly. A very warm welcome for you and your husband (if he has the courage to read the forum comments). I'm very sorry that you've had to join us. As everybody has already said, an MND diagnosis is a huge shock for everybody to take. I hope that your local services ie OT (Occupational Therapist), physio, speech therapist and wheelchair services give your husband appropriate support. When your husband feels like talking about his future please bring up the subject of voice banking. I don't know how slurred his voice is, so as soon as you can get a speech therapy appointment so options can be discussed. The soonest he can is best for voice banking. I send an electronic hug. Look after yourself. I don't say that unthinkingly. I mean it whole heartedly. It's hard for us who have MND, but we know that our loved ones carry a heavy burden too. Lynne