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    Thanks everyone. Mick had another fall yesterday whllst I was at work. He had gone to get his debit card from his wallet on the tv unit to sponsor someone off facebook, when putting it back he turned and fell backwards. He pressed his alert who rang me at work. From getting the call to pulling on the drive I was 14 minutes. Luckily our neighbour was in and helped me get him up. he fell into his chrome stand fan which broke into two. He felt sore after, particularly his shoulder. The OT is coming tomorrow and I am going to be here. The financial person from the council is coming next week so hopefully stair lift wont be too long. It is a worry when I am working. I finish on the 19th for 6 weeks. I tend to stay close to home now so if I get a call I am not too far away,
    Well done Panniertank, you are doing well. Mick isnt fit enough to go out alone. I took him to the barbers saturday, we parked close, he used his stick and I held his other hand. If we are going any distance he uses his wheelchair of the scooter we purchased.

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    Hi Shrew, I'm so sorry that Mick had another fall yesterday. Falling can really eat away at confidence in walking. It's also hard on you as I imagine the risk is always in the back of your mind. I hope the OT offers practical help - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both.

    Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.

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    Driving and supermarket trolley.

    Hi Panniertank

    Pushing a trolley around a supermarket, which I can still do - just, was what pointed me towards walkers. They are really good - very stable and you can sit down to rest.

    I agree about driving. My car seat is the most comfortable I have.

    Take care


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    Oh Shrew I feel for you both

    I think the stage Mick is at now is a very difficult stage, knowing full well that, for his own safety, more mobility aids are inevitable. It's hard when our balance goes - we can't putt out our arms to break a fall and come crashing down like a felled tree.

    I hope he recovers quickly and stays safe.

    Good luck with the OT tomorrow.

    Love Ellie.
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    Hi Shew and Mick;

    Hope you're ok and will soon repair. You can get automatic actuating fall alarms which don't require pressing, they work the same otherwise.

    Hugs, Terry

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    Hello Paniertank.
    You do sound like you've had a tough time and some of your experiences sound very similar to mine, I had lost my mum to cancer and my dad developed dementia, and as an only child a lot was down to me. However, I am extremely lucky in that I have my husband. Even though my progression is slower than many, there are so many things I could not do in life, including getting out and about for days out, without him doing heavy tasks, carrying things, driving me about, doing lots of the housework etc etc. This illness often creeps up, and you don't realise your abilities are gradually eroding. I also had almost relentless insomnia at my time of diagnosis like you. However, whether people call it denial or wishful thinking, I decided the only way to survive, for me, was to keep essentially being me, who happens to have mnd, not mnd first and the person second. By all means adapt and get support, I use sticks in the house, got a mobility scooter for going out where I can. As others have said, GP and mnd clinics can refer you for things like a walker, grab rails in the house, counselling etc. My GP said I could use all the services of the local hospice if I wanted. I don't, but I can if I wish. I see my friends still as friends who care about me, not as carers. Everyone is different, but I needed to fight to keep my sense of self. My walking deteriorated very quickly indeed, but that was getting on for 7 years ago and things have slowed down a lot since then, I still plan for a future and intend to live life, albeit with adaptations and different ways of doing things, absolutely to the full. Being yourself, your interests, hobbies, family and friends are all the things that make you both special and unique. Mnd is a thing, it's not me. I wish you the very best and there are some truly exceptional people on this forum who will always listen to eachother.
    Best wishes

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