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    Hi Panniertank,

    Im very sorry to hear that you had a fall. Many of us have experienced falls and can totally understand what a shock it can be and how a fall can knock our confidence for a while.

    I started off using a walking stick but found that a rollator gave me much more stability and also much more confidence (especially outside where bumpy pavements can be such a trip hazard!).

    Please don't hesitate to speak to your physiotherapist or occupational therapist to ask what can be provided for you - they are supposed provide us with equipment that will aid our mobility etc, so that we can be as safe as possible and the risk of us falling is hopefully minimised.

    If you would like to know more about rollators, there is some information on this thread:-

    I hope you will soon build your confidence back up again. It's great to hear you enjoyed your day out yesterday. I hope you have another great day out very soon!

    Take care

    Love Kayleigh x
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