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Thread: Beam me up Scotty

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    Beam me up Scotty

    I would be very grateful, on behalf of a friend, for advice, experiences and comments on through floor lift makes and installers.

    Many thanks!


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    Hi Doug,

    I don't have one, but some of the information on this thread might be useful:-



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    Many thanks Kayleigh!

    Quite a mine of information there. It would be good if anyone can comment on installations since 2016.

    I'm most grateful.


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    Hi Doug,
    I bought one from Stannah last year. They are expensive, but have a very good service network, something that is essential. I am totally dependent on mine now. I did look at other firms, including Terry and Wessex. The lift I have is the Harmony, made by Terry and sold through Stannah. I can tell you more about it if you wish.

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    Many thanks John.

    That's extremely helpful information. I'm not sure how far down the line my friend is with her plans, but when I've got a clearer picture I'll probably want to pick your brains via PM.


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