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Jerry, the clinical trials which showed positive outcomes for people with ALS were, and are, based on taking Ibudilast as an add-on therapy to Riluzole. And that's the basis of their patent, currently being considered by the US authorities.

Does your Neuro have to initially prescribe it or can your GP prescribe it? IDK what the UK protocol is, but I know someone will jump in to clarify it if you aren't quite sure.

Love Ellie.
Hi Ellie, I’ve been on the Ibudilast now for about 3 months with Riluzole and I can’t see any benefits. I am still deteriorating quite rapidly but as other things we all take it’s difficult to evaluate. I ordered Edaravone again as I felt this was beneficial but it has been seized by customs 3 weeks ago and am awaiting an update. I am considering contacting my MP who has been supportive in the past.
Jerry xxx