Hi Polly,

Firstly please dont say sorry for posting on here. It's the right place for advice and support, from people who really understand. The early days , when you are both reeling from the shock of diagnosis are overwhelming and it's hard to know what is best.

There has been lots of sound advice on here about who to contact for advice on here so I wont add to that although it sounds like you have good support. I really appreciate why your husband wants to keep active and I totally understand your concern about falls. Like many of us I resisted a wheelchair but once I had one I realised it gave me much more freedom to be out and about. Again I didn't want a power wheelchair in the house but now I can whizz round to check hubby has cleaned the kitchen and the state of my son's bedroom ( not great !!! )

Safety is obviously the most important thing but I think most of us have a few falls before we realise this. It's only human to want to keep going as we always have and I was given a hard talk about falls by the neurologist as the last thing we need is broken bones.

Take Care of yourself too,
Love Debbie x ( Deb )