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    .MND Symptom

    I have had fasciculations in hands for about 4 yrs. For that last two or so I have had trembling/shaking mostly in hands/fingers but sometime all over body if stressed or just odd incidents around the mouth or elsewhere in body. I saw a neurologist 4 years ago but he was not concerned. I have lost about 6 kilos in a few months without trying and my hands look as if they are "losing weight" being very wrinkled etc. I also drop things and don 't have much strength in my hands. However I am 72 and have osteoarthritis with some fingers nobbled, joints locked and pain. My question is one I can't find an answer to anywhere and I don't want to go to the GP yet without any other startling symptoms appearing . If I am sitting with my hands resting an odd finger or thumb will either tremble rapidly or what is most disconcerting rise very very slowly, my forearm could rise or fall again slowly, or it could be a foot or a toe this happens to. My head does not tremble. It is these slow involuntary movements I find troubling, my hand has just curled itself up. I have looked up symptoms of Parkinsons,MND, essential tremors, dystonia and MS but nowhere describes these slow involuntary movements. It's as if I' m a puppet whose strings are being pulled in slow motion. Have you ever heard of such movements either in relation to MND or anything else come to that. Thankyou.

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    Hi Lily and welcome to the forum,

    They could all be symptoms of Mnd but the order and the time scale suggests not.

    I would see your doctor and a neurologist again.

    Best wishes, Terry
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    Hi Lily and welcome to the forum.

    Reading your symptoms makes me think the same as Terry: you should see your GP and a neurologist asap.

    Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.

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    Hi Lily, I agree with Terry also. Go back to your GP and get a referral to a Neurologist, a different one if you aren't happy with the first one. Whatever your symptoms are caused by needs investigating. Good luck. Lynne
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    Thanks so much to Lynne, Gillette and Terry for your replies. I am reluctant to go to the GP yet because I believe they will fob me off as happened the first time when I had to insist on seeing a Neurologist who couldn't see anything amiss. I will go one of these days but unless something dramatic happens like falling over I don't think anybody is going to be interested. Diagnosis with so many of these horrible illnesses seems to be so long and drawn out and often inconclusive. I just would love (although obviously I don't want anybody to be ill) to find someone else who feels they are being manipulated, as I said, like a puppet in slow motion! Thanks again.

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    Hi Lily,

    As you have described it, that does not fit an MND symptom.

    The best way to find out what might be causing it is to see your GP and be seen face-to-face, then take it from there.

    In the meantime, make sure you are well hydrated and nourished and getting enough sleep.

    Take care.

    Love Ellie.
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    Hi Lily and welcome! I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 2 years ago. Last year I had problems with my hands, locking and wasting. I was told osteoarthritis! I kept going back till they sent me to a neurologist. I was then diagnosed with MND. I would go back to GP! you are not wasting their time. They get paid enough!!!

    Best wishes Sheila

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