Hello all

I've been trying to get the courage to come on here for a while.

Long story short, I am an only child who has been caring for both parents since I turned 30 (I'm now 32) - my mum sadly passed away after a battle with cancer a year ago. Then 3 months later (August 18) my dad was diagnosed with MND after having surgery for spinal stenosis following him having foot drop and falling a lot - he has had previous back injuries and nerve problems which have been varied over the years.

My father no longer has any use of his legs so cannot even stand, his arms are now also very weak and he is now just about able to answer his phone using speaker phone as he cannot lift his arms at all and is losing the use of his hands too.

I guess I'm looking for:

i) some way to remain positive for both of us

ii) Some advice from other carers as to how I can help my dad with the depression he now has now and again (he won't have medication or seek support and I no longer know how to help him )

iii) An idea as to how long my dad has left as I can't bear to lose another parent, we only have each other and are very close

iv) Advice as to how I can get my dad out and socialising with family again - he has a motorised wheelchair and as not everywhere has ramps e.g. family member's households it is impossible for him to visit people. He also has to use bottles for the loo which makes going out difficult. I've tried short trips to the shops etc but understandably my dad feels self conscious and lacks confidence now, we can't really go out for food as I have to feed him which he wouldn't like in public - I'm worried that whilst I'm working all day full time he barely sees anyone as only I and one other family member visit him - not sure the rest of the family truly understand how hard things are for him

I'm worried if I can't find the help and strength to help my dad through this I'm going to lose him too - we've been through so much already

I know MND is incurable and that the medical teams are likely correct at Salford Royal but I remain hopeful that they are wrong and it is something else

It would be nice to hear some of your thoughts as carers or others with MND on here - be good not to feel on our own in this

Wishing you all the best day to day xx