Good morning Vicky

Thank you for your response and sorry to be a bit slow coming back - I have been otherwise engaged for 10 days or so.

And good to see you using the forum - do keep asking if we can help

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How are you finding life with ALS so far? Wishing you well x
Responding to a question like how my finding life with ALS so far this probably requires a small book - but perhaps to say the family joke is that I have good card from a bad hand, being a joke because I have slow arm onset MND and it was damage to my left dominant hand which first led me toward the diagnosis, which was confirmed 2 years later.

The short version is that I go up and down, celebrating the small victories as this morning I managed to replace a showerhead which my wife had thoughtfully taken off to defuzz and then gone to work before I had my shower.

On the other side, I have increasing difficulty in handling tools and since I am the DIY king of the household. This is leaving some things undone, which I would have previously done in 30 seconds.

I can still dress myself and feed myself although both with some difficulty - more challenges to either celebrate or mourn.

Our main preoccupation at the moment is working out where to live because the house we live in is not suitable for conversion or extension to provide for me using a wheelchair, if I need to and I guess I will given I have fasiculations in my legs which otherwise work fine at the moment - our choice seems to be to buy smaller, locally, and keep our friends and local services, or move out to buy something larger that we can afford to do up to suit my purposes, but losing all our local connections.

I guess you will have worked out by now, that everybody's MND is different in terms of speed of progression and symptoms, although it is all themes from the same story - but the lack of certainty makes planning difficult and if I am anything, I am a planner.