Hi Vicky,

Do you mean your dad has difficulty pressing the actual switch or is it that he presses the switch and can't get further in that app?

If it's the former, would it be easier to use a different part of his body to press the switch (elbow, foot, between his knees etc) Or try Barry's suggestion re head control.

If it's the latter problem, it 's likely it wasn't set up correctly for your dad's specific needs in the first place - functions such as Auto-Scanning, Tapping etc and their timings may need to be changed. (Barry may know about that? Sorry, I only know Windows.)

There are numerous 'How to...' videos on YouTube on setting up switches but IDK if you want to go through the settings?

Here's one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqWkNxB27DM

Any way you can get the person(s) responsible for supplying the switch to come back and actually show your father how to use it???!!!

Love Ellie.