Hi Everyone, I hope it's ok to start a new thread on this because I realise there are lots of existing ones and I am sorry if I am repeating things.

Thank you to everyone who have sent me messages and advice about getting a WAV. I have swapped my mobility allowance to get a new WAV and Allied Mobility came to our home to show us different vehicles which my husband was able to test drive . I was able to stay in my wheelchair so no more precarious and very undignified transfers to the car, which has really put me off going out recently. It's a Peugeot Horizon and it is due to be delivered this week.

Because we will have a WAV I have been able to ask for a powerchair from wheelchair services to drive in the back. I had another wheelchair assessment last week and It is a salsa mini 2 and we are due to pick it up this week.
I have fingers crossed that all goes ok because I am really looking forward to being out again even if just for a drive.

Sorry to be insensitive to those of us who are not able to be out and about.
Love Debbie x