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Thread: Just a little rant!

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    Yes, thanks again. I didn't realise those rubber ones were so heavy!

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    Hi Music Mans wife,

    How annoying and frustrating for you. I get so cross when people block the pavement or the drop downs . Sometimes we have to drive our chairs in the road and you see parents with prams doing the same.. so inconsiderate.

    We have a portable metal ramp bought off Amazon which is good for 2 or maybe 3 shallow steps. We got it so we can visit relatives and friend's houses but afterwards my OT said it could have been provided so maybe it's worth getting in touch with yours. It folds up like a suitcase but I think it's quite heavy.

    Hope you've got out today,
    Love Debbie x

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    Hi MMW:

    You could cut them in half, they would be about 4 kg each and about 9 inches wide. You would probable need someone with a good band saw. You probably would not want them 19 inches wide anyway.

    Love Terry

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