My husband sadly passed away on 7th February 2019.

We had purchased a Geni standing wheel chair 18 month ago, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

We paid just under £12,000 for the chair, Navy in colour.

The chair was purchased from Geni (Easyrise).

I contacted Geni to ask about the chair, if sold on, the new owner would need to have the chair adjusted to suit the user, this would incur a cost. We hope the reduced sale price will help with this 😊

This is why, we would like to give someone the opportunity to purchase our chair at a small fee of £4,000, it is as new, service completed last year, no new parts were needed. If you would like to see the chair being used by my late husband, you can click on the link.

The price isnít a reflection of the quality of the chair, we just want someone to be able to enjoy the chair, like we did, as we know they can be quite expensive.