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Thread: Clothing?

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    Has anybody managed to find a clothing supplier for men that does trousers so that those without much arm mobility can use urine bottles?

    And anywhere that makes shoes large enough for feet with severe oedema and drop foot?

    My dad gets upset that he used to be very smart and love fashion and now he can only wear slippers and shorts which itís putting him off going out and affecting his confidence

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    Hi Vicky, I have oedema and I get my shoes from and they are very good shoes. If you ask them to send you a catalogue, you
    will see all the different designs and they are vat free for MND sufferers. Best wishes from Gwen

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    Hi Vicky,

    Maybe Dropfront Trousers might suit him?

    Take a look at these and scroll down for the short video:

    Or these:

    I'm sorry he has oedema - does anything relieve it? Raising his legs, gentle massage and moving the toe and ankle joints to get the blood flowing, for example.

    Your dad's OT should provide something for the footdrop, though the oedema may reduce his options.

    Love Ellie.
    ​Diagnosed 03/2007. Sporadic Definite ALS/MND Limb Onset.
    Eye gaze user - No working limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV.

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    Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for the links and I am sure that they will be useful for some people. The second link does make elastic waist ones as well.

    Love Terry

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    Hi Vicky,

    The Mnda has an information sheet (11a Clothing) which includes a list of online retailers (from page 8):-


    Best wishes to you and your Dad,
    Kayleigh x
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