Hello everyone, Iíve been reading your posts for some time now, just plucked up the courage to post. Your such lovely people with so much information to help families along the way. My husband has been diagnosed with ALS after such a long road to get to where we are now. It started with falls, foot drop and diagnosis of stroke, on going for about 2years. Then we got a diagnosis at the start of March. The consultant said it was ALS progressive form. My husbands mobility is now very reduced only a few steps at a time with a frame. With do have a good comm nurse, physio and an Ot (who we have only seen twice). We have a multi dis meeting coming up. Not sure what to expect.
From what Iíve read Ellie seems to have loads of medical info ? Is there any thing I should ask at the meeting ? Is there different ALS ? Itís such a mind field. He has had his EMG I didnít ask about the results. Do I need to ? Will they tell me anything?
Thanks for taking time to read this xx