Hi, thanks for letting me join your group. I have been reading your inspirational and heartbreaking stories; Here is mine:

I am a 49 year old male, who used to love playing rugby/cricket/cycling etc. Two years (april 2017) I finished a park run and noticed my left leg felt weird. I had sciatic pain and lower back pain. Throughout the summer my left leg was out of sync when running.

I went overseas with work and had private healthcare, so had a back scan showing compressed nerve, had conventional treatment but still left leg wouldn't work properly. Had a back operation (feb 2018)of to relieve compression but this did not work.

Fast forward to September 2019 and back in UK. Leg getting worse and using a stick. Had brain and total spine scan (december 2018) all clear nothing showing up. EMG tests in April 2019, all normal, numerous blood tests, all normal. Lumbar puncture all normal. Still waiting for evoked visual and sensory results.

I have brisk reflexes and positive babinski and hoffmans.

Now I can hardy walk (been using crutches for 6 months) my left leg feels so heavy and my right leg is joining the party too.

Neurologist has now referred me to Prof Kevin Talbot at Oxford who I believe is a MND expert.

As you can imagine this has terrified me. My confusion is that all tests are clear and nothing to indicate why I can barely walk and I am scared of the unknown.