Hi, please could I ask for some advice.

I am a 37 year old female and have numerous symptoms which I think could indicate MND. I have seen a neurologist and have had some tests including an EMG which was normal and other tests which have ruled out myasthenia gravis.

My symptoms are confined to my upper body. I have a problem with my neck muscles being very weak making it difficult for me to hold my head up. Muscles in my back and chest feel tight. My chest muscles ache and I struggle to take a deep breath. I have muscle twitching all over and have lost weight from my chest area, arms and legs. In the last week my tongue has started to feel swollen, aches and I feel it's catching on my teeth...very odd. My arms, legs and hands work ok although right hand seems slightly weaker.

I am concerned that the neurologist can't tell me what is wrong with me or how to get better.

From what I have read MND presents differently in different people but I wondered if anyone had experienced similar symptoms at an early stage?

I have 2 young children and am really hoping this isn't MND but don't we all........

Thankyou for reading and any advice is appreciated.