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Thread: Carers support groups

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    Carers support groups

    Has anyone been to a MNDA carers support group?im going to one on Wednesday and was just wondering what to expect cos I get really anxious in these situations! Thanks, Helen.

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    Hi Helen and a warm welcome to the forum.

    The thought of going to something like a support group really is scary. I haven't been to an MNDA carers support group as I'm not the carer but I believe you will be fine. You will be with people who really do understand how difficult and scary it is looking after someone with MND. Try not to let your anxiety get the better of you. Do you have a contact telephone number for the group? If so, perhaps it would be worth ringing the number, asking about the meeting and explaining it will be your first visit and that you are feeling a bit nervous. They may well have someone who takes newcomers under their wing.

    Have a good time at the meeting.

    Sending you electronic hugs.

    Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.

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