Hi everyone

Since I fell 3 weeks ago I have been in pain and felt generally unwell. Doctors and the paramedics felt it was ligament damage and I felt unwell because of the pain and MND . On Friday I woke up and coughed up blood so to A and E where I was fortunately fast tracked by my GP.

A CT scan showed blood clots on my lungs and an X ray showed my leg was broken in two places. There was also some underlying infection . I went between two hospitals and everyone was so helpful but they were cross I had not been given blood thinners earlier.They cant set my leg until my wheelchair has been adapted to have my leg straight.

Just glad to be home now but I wish I had been more assertive and gone to hospital sooner.
I guess it's really important not to attribute symptoms of ill health to our MND. I was feeling breathless, due to the blood clot but I thought it was the MND developing.

Take care everyone and no more falls,
Love Debbie x