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    UK Biobank reports research

    Good morning all

    For various reasons, we have been participating in the UK Biobank database collection process and this includes yesterday going to their Reading centre and having a multiplicity of scans and tests to help them with their research and adding more about us on their database.

    In the process we picked up the biobank imaging Centre newsletter issue number three, and there are two matters arising;

    1) the newsletter reports that "physical activity may play a role in the prevention of neuro degenerative diseases, researchers conclude"

    I have tweeted them to point out that there seems to be a non-statistically significant positive association between getting MND and lots of activity in a particular sporting enterprise - any comments team?

    2) The same newsletter mentions the possibility that "drugs that reduce cholesterol may also protect people against motor neurone disease... having discovered that higher levels of LDL cholesterol are linked to a greater risk of the disease. The scientists studied the genetics more than 330,000 UK biobank participants and 25 million other people."

    Again, any thoughts team

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