Good morning everyone,

Thank you for your feedback so far. We would like to reiterate that this is by no means a permanent solution and just something we are trialing.

Many of you have already noted some of the issues with the new mobile version, which we have picked up on too. Our main concerns are how it seems to provide a limited amount of information compared to the full site. Also, the mobile version is extremely basic and has very limited options for our MND branding.

Luckily, it does provide an option to switch between both versions. On the mobile version it is an link option at the bottom of the page. On the full site it is a drop down option from 'MNDA 2014.02' to 'Default Mobile style'. You do need to be logged in to switch between.

The mobile version does have a 'What's New' button but it is hidden away within the menu along with notifications, messages and friends lists, however it is only accessible through a very small button on the top right after you log in. Not the most ideal for easy navigation.

Although there are some initial problems, we have found that the mobile version interface makes the threads and posts much easier to read, and the view and accessibility of the reply text box is clearer. You don't have to move the box to see what you are typing, which we know is a problem for some people when using the full site on a mobile or tablet. Has anyone found that replying to posts and threads easier on the mobile site?

Your feedback is really useful and we'd like you to continue providing this to us. We'll continue to capture your thoughts, pro & cons for a few more weeks before we speak to the forum developers to review what our options are (which may include not having a separate mobile/tablet version).

Thanks again to all.