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Thread: So here's my story.. and how I may have triggered MND.

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    So here's my story.. and how I may have triggered MND.

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    Hi Michael. You have had a horrid few months. What you've described doesn't match with anything that I've experienced or read about MND, but it's a complicated disease so I, not a specialist couldn't rule it either in or out. The gym would potentially knock us out if overdone. But it would do likewise for a range of diseases. I hope that your appointment on Thursday brings some clarity about what's been going on in your tired body. Lynne
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    Hi Michael and welcome to the forum;

    I have never heard of :-

    "Unable to move or think, I felt liquid pumping down the back of my neck at the base of the skull down about 10cm. It pumped about 6-7 times, then stopped. it wasn't flowing down, it was being pumped out."

    Was liquid actually coming out and if so what colour etc?

    Have you had a MIR of the brain and base of skull?

    Have you had a lumber puncture and spinal fluid test?

    Certainly so of your symptoms are similar to those of Mnd but I think that it might be something else.

    Best wishes, Terry
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael John View Post

    I've had the following tests all done twice now including full blood tests, physical tests, EMG and Nerve conduction. The results from all tests were perfectly normal.
    Michael, that is the only relevant information you posted.

    People with MND do NOT have normal physical exams nor EMGs.

    Love Ellie.
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