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Thread: Query about Radicava/Edaravone injection

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    Query about Radicava/Edaravone injection

    Can anybody help me with the course details of this injection ? I need to know the details about how many injections needs to be given in each cycle and how long it would continue.

    Also please let me know if Riluzole tablets needs to be continued while the Radicava course is on.

    The reason I am asking is I am getting two types of response from 2 different Neurologist, One doctor is saying first cycle is 14 days (60 mg) each day and then 14 days gap and after that 10 injection per cycle with 14 days gap in between .. Total 6 cycles.

    The other doctor is saying overall 6 cycles. 14 injections in each cycle. And also the Riluzole tablet to be continued.

    My mother was diagnosed in 2017. We really want to try this new medicine but I am a bit worried about two different suggestions. If anybody could kindly help.
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    Dear Shuvamoy,

    I have forwarded your question onto our research team as they have the most appropriate information to answer your query.

    They will respond to your email address directly.

    With kind regards
    Jacqui Anderson
    Senior MND Connect Adviser

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