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Spent most of today outside making friends with a butterfly who decided he liked my arm


Love Ellie.
Hi Ellie,

Apparently, if you wear brightly coloured clothes and/or wear sweet-smelling floral perfume then butterflies will be attracted to you - but I expect your very sweet nature would have been enough to attact that butterfly to you anyway Ellie!

Do you know what type of butterfly it was (apart from it being a boy! - just wondering, how can you tell if it is male? .... I expect it might take a very powerful magnifying glass to find out! Lol) ?

And talking of butterflies, here are some fun 'facts' .....

Q: Who is the King of all insects?

A: The 'Monarch', of course!

Q: Has anyone ever seen a butterfly cry?

A: No, but some people have seen a moth bawl!

.... and only one more fun 'fact', I promise! ....

Q: What do you get if you eat caterpillars?

A: Lots of butterflies in your stomach!

I hope you and your family are having a lovely evening (despite my rather corny jokes! )

Love Kayleigh xx