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Thread: Flail arm

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    My husband has flail arm MND. It started with fasciculations in his arms and then his right arm lost strength - he was struggling to lift it etc and then in December 2016 he was carrying 2 drinks at a party and nearly dropped one as his right arm wasn't working properly. It gradually got worse, his neurologist tried a couple of treatments for various possible diseases but none worked. He had to stop work and driving in June 2017 (was a bricklayer) and got diagnosed in October 2017 at the National Neurology Hospital in Queens Square. He gradually gets worse and now he is virtually paralysed. Apparently flail arm can have a slower disease progress than other versions of MND. His MND specialist said that this is not always the case and I suspect he knew Tony was a faster progression. Hopefully your progress will be slower. We have lots of input from occupational therapy, physios, speech and language etc and they all make things easier. Take care

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    My Husband, Steve, was diagnosed with flail arm als in July 2014. He had been having problems with his hands for a few years and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both hands. Then in 2013 he had a rotator cuff injury repaired and his arm didn’t get any better. At the same time he had his carpal tunnel repaired on both hands. Again they didn’t get any better and his physio said there was something else going on and didn’t think he had carpal tunnel. He was finally diagnosed with flail arm ALS. The neurologist said it could stay in his arms or progress through his body which it did. He now cannot move his arms, hands or legs and his swallow is now affected and he has a feeding tube..


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