Four weeks ago, while going to put Steve into our WAV I fell and broke my left wrist. I had to have it operated on and have a plate put in.. it is mending well and Iím able to do a few more things. Unable to drive though so dependant on our daughter and son-in-law to drive when they can.

It has meant that we have had to have carers come in . Family have been helping especially grandson who lives with us. Took two weeks to get someone in, the day before my grandson went on holiday, but it has been stressful. They would turn up at 6íoclock to put him to bed! which we refused and took another week and the social worker to get it sorted to A later time. Steve canít be in bed too early, as he is already taking pain meds to stay in bed because of pain from his neck and shoulders.

Itís stressful with all the different people coming in especially if you get two carers that havenít been before and you have to explain everything over and over again. They are trying to give us regular ones but not always happening.

Our MND nurse and social worker are going down the CHC funding route. How long does this take and what is involved? At the moment we donít know if we will have to pay towards carers but the social worker thinks we should qualify for the funding. Has anyone been down this route?