Hello everyone. My name is Katie (25) and I am the daughter of Trevor (TPS) who was diagnosed with MND in Nov 2018, but suffering with symptoms starting in the bulbar area for the past two years. Secondly effecting hands and arms and now slowly effecting his legs. My dad has now lost his speech and uses his iPad to communicate. I think itís pretty cool what technology can do now a days and how much it helps my dad. He will be able to do his father of the bride speech for my sisters wedding using his text to speech app, which is very special. He can even change his new voice to a ladies if he really wants, that will embarrass my sister at her wedding, haha.

I live abroad (another reason I am thankful for the use of iPads to communicate) so this forum will be great for me and help answer some of my questions, rather than google! Does anyone else have a family member dealing with this illness that they donít get to see much?

My dad is in good spirits, which helps him and the rest of the family. Like he says, ďone day at a time.Ē

Take care and wishing you all enjoy your life and life with loved ones as much as you can