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Thread: It's HOT HOT HOT here in Suffolk, how are you copping with the heat?

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    Thank Kayleigh,

    Hope you, your husband and family have a lovely weekend too. It's a shame about the rain when it has been such a gorgeous week but at least it's a little cooler.

    My leg feels better thank you, I think it appreciates the cooler weather too.

    Take Care
    Love Debbie x

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccinjersey View Post

    I hope your wife manages to keeps cool and hydrated on her run in the heat.

    She only ran 5 K, mind you there is a very steep and long hill in that, that she could not walk up without stopping 12 years ago. She averaged 8.1 minutes a mile and completed one mile in under 7. 5 minutes. Also done her best time around it all in 29 degrees C.

    I'm in the gym drinking coffee and she is outside running with a group in the cool. Probably 10 = 12 miles.

    I think that she started running nine years ago now.

    Love Terry

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    Your wife is Wonder Woman Terry she's a real marathon runner!

    When we in are in 90's here it difficult and uncomfortable to be out just walking in it let alone running it.

    It wouldn't be so bad if we just had high heat, but we have the high humidity factor that really makes the air quality so poor. We get heat warnings from the township to stay indoors in air conditioning particularly for the elderly, those with breathing issues, infants ,and our pets.

    Not to bad today in low 90's, but we still have all of August to go which is really just so hot and steamy. Sometimes the tar is melting on our roads!

    Going to go see Lion King today our movie theaters are freezing! and you need to wear a sweater but looking forward to it


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