Hi Dina,

I wouldn't be too worried re your chap's ability to be trained (and to remember) how to use the NIV machine

Your settings will be pre-set, so it's more that you both need to know your way around its menus and, for example, the humidifier, if you need to use one, and the alarms etc.

There are some good online tutorials for both the Nippy 3+ and the 4, which you can watch in the more relaxed home environment - actually, he might want to watch them before he's shown by the nursing staff?? (Note: the tutorials for the Nippy 4 are shown as 'Breas V45' machine, just for extra confusion )

I'm sorry to hear about your night time tummy troubles - how awful for you. Without wanting to pry, but do you know what's causing your nausea and vomiting? It must be very debilitating. Have you anti-sickness meds on hand for these occasions? Also, given your cough is weak, a suction machine might be good to have if you can't clear your mouth.

Thinking of you.

Love Ellie.