I had to go to Wythenshawe Hospital today for another appointment [the 3rd in 3 weeks!]. I was under the impression that it was to get a second opinion about a breathing issue. First they did the blood from the earlobe test, then the cough test. As I suspected the cough has weakened since it was tested there a fortnight ago. They talked about a Cough Assist but I explained that the physio I saw 2 weeks ago had said that I shouldn't have one. Unfortunately I can't remember what reason she gave and it seems she did not say anything about it in my notes.

The result of the appointment with Dr Choudhry was that he wants to admit me for several days to set me up with a ventilator so that I am used to it when the PEG is put in and also for another procedure. There is some doubt about me being able to have a GA for the second procedure so an anaesthetist has to be consulted.

Dr Choudhry is hoping to have me in next week.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all at the moment. I had no idea that I was likely to have to be admitted for the breathing. It feels as though the MND is running away with itself.