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Thread: I feel so helpless

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    I feel so helpless

    My husband, Nigel, was crying this morning. So far, it’s only his right leg that’s really affected, making walking almost impossible. He can’t get out of a chair, turn over in bed, or get out of bed, without really struggling.

    Because he doesn’t have all the symptoms, he thinks he’s been misdiagnosed, although I’m pretty sure his voice is quieter and his speech a bit slurred.

    He’s always loved doing a bit of DIY, but now he’s frustrated that he cant do anything, because of balance.

    I feel so helpless and hopeless, and I’m so heartbroken for him.

    Admin - I think maybe I should’ve put this in the carers’ section? If so, please move it. Thanks.
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    Husband, Nigel, diagnosed with ALS in July 2019. We live in Spain and the medical care is superb. Nigel currently taking Riluzole. Tried acupuncture/Chinese medicine and bee venom (privately), but not helpful. Had stem cell therapy 6 months ago, but no improvement so far.

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