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Thread: Muscle spasms

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    Hi Panniertank,

    I'm sorry to hear you are having to cope with a painful leg and blood clot. I hope the treatment works quickly and the pain in your leg eases very soon.

    Hopefully your OT and physiotherapist are able to supply you with any equipment you need, such as mobility aids, to make life safer and more comfortable for you.

    Best wishes
    Kayleigh x
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    Hi Panniertank,

    The blood clot could be to a bit of both. I don't think that that many Mnd people have them but we are more at risk.

    Probably you can get hospital transport to that appointment but they normally have a two hour window both ways, so you need plenty of time.

    Guess that they have or will give you something to thin the blood for a while.

    Good luck, Terry

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    Hi Panniertank,

    So sorry you have had a fall and now you have a blood clot. Its another thing to deal with.

    In June I fell and fractured my leg and developed a blood clot in my lungs. I was not as sensible as you and I thought my sore calf was due to the fall so my leg break and blood clot were not diagnosed for three weeks. ( I felt like a clot myself !)

    They seemed sure the blood clot had been caused by the fracture and not my MND or even being immobile and I was given a choice of tablets or injections for three to six months. I am having daily injections because the tablets upset my tummy but that might be just me ! Initially I needed blood tests to check they have the levels right and I am now having lots of passive physio .

    I really hope your OT, nurse and physio are involved to sort out the help and transport you need but dont be afraid to chase them up. Nobody minds.

    Take Care of yourself,
    Love Debbie x

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    Thank you all for your responses. Debbie, I am sorry you had a fall and fractured your leg. And to have a blood clot in your lung must be more scary / serious than having one in your leg. Please don't beat yourself up for not being as sensible as me;- I wasn't either;- I was just fortunate that the OT and physio visited me at my home not long after the fall and expressed their concerns and made me contact my GP. Otherwise, like you I thought my sore and inflamed calf were just due to my fall. I was clueless about clots.
    Interesting that your medical staff thought that your clot was due to your fracture and not MND or immobility.
    I am on blood thinning tablets now.
    Take care of yourself as well
    Kind regards,

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