Good morning,

I hope you are all well.

My name is Ron. Iím 43.

For about 2 years I have been feeling a strange sensation in my left lower leg. The sensations feel as though on lifting or walking thereís a loss of control almost like a buzzy sensation or mild electric current. This has been getting steadily more pronounced. My feet have for years been very cold with a change in colour now and then. This feeling is accentuated when the pace speeds up. When running it feels as though the foot wants to turn in the way but never does. My feet can become stiff and difficult to wiggle about. No loss of strength. My hands suffer similarly from the cold with a reduction in dexterity. Iíve been to neurology and done all the tests with everything in good order. Similarly with my MRI scan. My firearm can sometimes feel blocked and slight feeling of the arm being a bit weaker than normal. Iím worried about possible MND and just wanted to ask you guys if these symptoms are something youíve heard of before.

I appreciate your time and hope you are well.

Thank you.