Good afternoon all

As you will know I have arm onset MND, which means I am slowly losing use of my hands and arms - perhaps 50% left on my left, and 90% left in my right just now - still have a bit of a pinch grip there.

For those of us that a slow onset we have the time to think about what next, which came up in the conversation over my usual early morning hand massage session with my wife this morning as she tries to keep my left hand from blowing up as it is not particularly active and swells up.

So, I went hunting for a checklist to see what things we might have forgotten as we come to plan how we proceed with the development of my disease.

I had a poke around on the inter-web and could not find anything particular that was sensible by way of such a list.

The MND Association publications are not much help in this regard and the same goes for the guide to disabled accommodation provided by my OT which can be found here:

The kind of thing I mean is that what partly bought up the conversation I mentioned was that I went to get some tickets from the local station automatic ticket machine to attend the September meeting of the MND Association trustees - I suddenly realised that I had not got the strength in my right hand to get the credit card out of the slot I had put it in to authorise the receipt.

To be best use to me this checklist needs to preferably be ordered to list the things that I gradually lose as they gradually lose my arms - so things that need use of 2 fully functioning arm start with running down to the things that I will not be able to do once I lose complete function in both arms

So, there is one thing for my checklist - take a pair of pliers with me to get my credit cards out when drawing, cash et cetera.

Obviously, there are some other things about using the toilet, getting dressed, closing window catches, holding a book to read, opening doors .....

Does anybody here have such a list or anything to add to this list?