Steve is in hospital with pneumonia again. Think he caught an infection after one of his carers came with a bad chest. We had told them they couldnít come but they still did. will be having strong words with the company.

Steve has been tube fed overnight since March with Nutricia energy/multi fibre. He has been very thirsty and weeing a lot during the night.. we asked the dietician about this but she didnít have an answer.

It seems on admission to hospital his blood sugars are high and the feed is causing the problem. In a morning they range from 22 to 26 and go down slowly over the day to around 12 to 14. He has been tested for diabetes and they have put him on insulin injections, but still not being successful yet in getting it down. Has anyone else had this problem with the feed?

He also coming home with a nippy machine which he will use overnight when they can get the mask right.

His infection is nearly better but wonít becoming home until the other 2 problems are sorted.