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Thread: Becoming a tad bored.

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    Hi Barry,

    I agree that the advert featuring the barber seems a bit random - but perhaps he is an example of a businessman who might need to stock quite a lot of sugar (if he offers tea and coffee to his clients)?

    ... and as 'sugaring' is a method of body hair removal, the barber might have put sugar-wax (containing Silver Spoon Sugar) on his head - which might be why he is bald? LOL

    The picture on the record cover does sound very 1970's! - and it probably would be more PC these days if the lady had been pouring the golden syrup on her pancakes (rather than wearing it as edible underwear!) LOL

    That's a great song by the Rolling Stones. There were probably some other great classic tracks on there ... and going back to the lady on the LP cover, perhaps one of them was 'Pour some Sugar On Me' by Def Leppard !?! ... perhaps not? ... but it wouldn't surprise me if the well known 'Sugar Sugar' song was included ....

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