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Thread: Icy cold leg each evening

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    Icy cold leg each evening


    I donít quite know what to do with hubby. His right lower leg and foot, the one that his MND all started with, goes icy cold in the evenings. It is warm in the morning after a nights sleep, but is icy cold by the evening. He is unable to put his legs up - awaiting riser recliner - and doesnít get about too much any more. What should I do? Should we see the doc? He hasnít been out for 6 weeks as we are unable to get him out of the house. Itís all a bit scary...

    Thank you for reading...

    Best wishes,

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    Hi Wailywoo,

    My lower legs and feet have been going sort of purple and ice cold since the MND began. However, as only one leg is affected in your husband, I would be minded to get the GP to check it out.

    Trying to keep positive, but not always managing.

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    Hi Wailywoo, I get very cold legs and hands in the evening. I've all my life got colder when I'm tired and have had very cold hands sometimes even in summer. MND is making this worse. I keep a blanket on the back of my chair so that I can pull it over my legs. It works for me. I can still wobble about indoors with my walker. I hope that you can find a solution for your dear husband. Lynne
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    Hi Wailywoo

    I am quite early on in this disease and so learning about how to cope with it to a great extent by participating in this forum.

    I have been interested how my damaged left hand changes colour when I am not being careful to keep it moving around and I guess I am kinda surprised and only now coming to realise how much the muscular contractions that happen in my daily round contribute to the movement of fluid throughout my body.

    In my case a massage to my hand changes its colour and temperature as fluid start to move around again.

    I am wondering if, in your case, an ultrasound might be a good idea, just in case something is blocked somewhere?

    Best wishes


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    Hi Wailywoo,

    Unfortunately for your husband, ice cold knees, lower legs and feet are very common in MND - it's primarily due to bad circulation and lack of exercise / limb movement.

    Range of movement exercises (ROM) on the knees, ankles and toes help to keep the blood flowing, as well as stopping the joints from seizing up and becoming painful. Massage helps too (always massage towards the heart) My knees are often ice cold by bedtime, even with ROM.

    However, as others say, if in doubt, check it out. Are his legs swollen or discoloured? (Clots normally result in skin being warm to the touch, not cold.)

    Hopefully his armchair arrives soon.

    Take care,
    Love Ellie.
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    Hi Waillywoo

    Cold legs and feet are common in MND. Circulation decrease because of lack of muscle tone. Exercise and massage help, but you also need to wear thick socks, even in summer.

    Be very careful this coming winter to guard against chilblains.


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