Dear Forum Admin,

Please will you help me understand why a post is still online, despite it clearly breaking Forum rules. The post contained lies about me, which naturally caused great distress and upset to me and is continuing to do so because I have received no feedback from you whatsoever.

14.47 on Tuesday 3rd September: I reported the post for the first time using the report button.
16.59 on Tuesday 3rd September: I asked in a PM to Admin_MND why the defamatory post was still up.
14.15 on Wednesday 4th September: I reported the same post again due to lack of response to me and my ongoing distress.
15.55 on Wednesday 4th September: I emailed (as advised to on the Rules and Privacy page) as I had no response from Forum Admin.
Thursday 5th September: I waited in the hope that someone in Admin would contact me, nobody did.

Days later, Iíve had no reply, feedback or any response to any of my attempts to contact you, hence this post, which I sincerely hope you answer.

If youíre in any doubt which post which has caused me so much stress and upset, itís this one:

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I am very upset to read Ellie`s posting from Dublin and the stress she has suffered as it is not available to her. This distress is certainly not intentional. Users of the drug RCH4 only wish to contact others using it and we only wish to exchange our experience of it.

Some 2 years back, Ellie complained about the cartoons on the RCH4 charity website so she knew about the drug at that time.
I have written to the charity about this and have just received the following reply.
We have never had any enquiry from Dublin. The lady has never contacted us. If she had a diagnosis and doctor`s permission, she would have been accepted at that time.

When the charity had the funds, everyone asking for help was accepted. Please Ellie, do not take this thread out of context. We are only trying to exchange information good or bad, we are certainly not trying to taunt anyone.

Thank you
I have NEVER been in contact with the website to which the Forum Member has referred. That is a complete lie.
The Forum Member also contacted a 3rd party using my PERSONAL DETAILS and asked about me.
How are those breaches of the Rules permitted? (8.4.1 and 8.4.3)

Please note: this has nothing to do with the general controversy re the RCH4 Thread, nor with my 30th August post on that thread. It is just this individual defamatory post.

You (the MNDA) say itís important to you that the Forum is a safe environment - it falls short of this for me.

Please, please will someone have the decency to finally remove that offensive post, or at least reply to my various attempts to contact you. I should not have to endure this ongoing distress and upset, my life is hard enough as it is.