Hi all. Iím Sarah, aged 50 & recently diagnosed. I live with my wife Sue & our 2 cockapoos & 2 cats just outside Cardiff. We had only recently moved to a lovely new house in the country, & Iíd just secured the job I wanted - everything had fallen into place perfectly - when this happened. Typical! Obviously weíve been through some dark times adjusting since diagnosis a month or so ago, but are now focusing on remaining as positive as possible. My wife is being amazing - I genuinely hate what this is doing to her as much as it is to me, if not more so,

Iím still walking but only just so am being provided with a wheelchair but I also want to get a 2nd hand mobility scooter. My speech is rapidly deteriorating too & I think I find this the most distressing of all as I donít sound like me any more. And I get really embarrassed when out & about if I have to speak to people - even if itís just at the till in the supermarket. Iím currently doing voice banking but even so, the loss of speech is what Iím finding hardest to come to terms with.

Anyway, thatís me. If anyone has any hints or tips re mobility scooters or dealing with the speech thing, that would be great but really I just wanted to say hi! 😊 Oh & if anyone knows any positive/inspiring stories Iíd love to be pointed in their direction too - those definitely help me the most! Thanks all. Xx