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Thread: Motorhome or caravan

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    Motorhome or caravan


    We are thinking of purchasing motorhome/caravan which we will adapt, just wondering has anyone has any experience with either


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    Hi, are you thinking of a touring caravan or a static one. We havŤ been thinking about a static one, but you have to think about ground rent etc. And of course we would need a ramp and decking. I don't know much about motor homes but I have seen some lovely ones. I hope someone can help you more, but I think it is a lovely idea.

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    Hi Christoff. My wife & I have a static caravan, which we bought 2 years ago, before I had my first symptoms. We actually bought it because we got 2 dogs & itís a perfect place for holidays with them! And now Iíve been diagnosed itís proven a perfect get-away for some relaxation (it overlooks a beautiful beach in west wales). Whilst Iím not able to do the walking we did previously itís still very important to us. There are some steps onto the decking at one end but not the other - & once youíre on the deck, everything is one level so itís easy to manoeuvre. As mentioned above, the ground rent can be very pricey - ours is £4K pa. with my having to retire from work, & my wife already retired, itís a push but Iím selling my car so that should cover next yearís rent at least. I hope this helps a little bit let me know if you have any specific questions.


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