Hello All,

My name is Chris, I'm 51 married with 2 children and was diagnosed with mnd a month ago.
I've had symptoms for about 5yrs started with foot drop, progressing to balance problems, occasional leg spasticity, night time leg cramps and affected speech etc... etc...
A recent career mnd 'highlight' was falling into the canal whilst out cycling, managing to scramble out looking like a swamp monster!! , Needless to say my wife has now banned me from going out on my bike
It is great to read the positive and informative comments on this forum from what I have read to date and I hope I can contribute myself in the future. In fact one nugget of information I can pass on is that if you are lucky enough to 'think' you can still cycle but have balance and slow reaction times - don't cycle on the canal tow path!!!

Regards to all.