Hi everyone

I got my Rig tube inserted on Monday and was released from hospital yesterday. In hospital I was taking a lot of laxatives along with movicol due to problems with constipation prior to the operation.
Prior to the hospitalization I took movicol around two days out of three to help me use the toilet.

Since coming home I have had a couple of accidents with me not being able to hold my bowels and I seem to have a bit of diarrhea. I stopped taking the laxatives on Wednesday so I expected to be back to normal. This caught me on the hop a little and I wasn't expecting it. Since I got the Rig tube in I am drinking 3 fortisip drinks a day. Prior to this I was drinking 1 or sometimes 2 of the two cal drinks each day. I am also no longer eating a solid food for breakfast.

Given the significant changes to my diet I should have expected changes to my toilet habits and I was warned of this prior to getting the Rig but obviously I didn't pay much attention to it. Currently I am using pads in case of further problems with the toilet but I wanted to check with others who have a rig or peg. Do others experience some changes in toilet habits after having a tube fitted and most importantly do things settle back down to normal after a time. My biggest problem at the moment is that I'm only getting very short notice of the need to go compared to before the operation.

Any help with such a uncomfortable subject for some of us is most welcome.