Hi there,

I have a long family history of MND in my family and I'm 27-years-old.

My mum passed away from it, my grandad, his dad and so on.

I've always said I don't want to get tested because then if I found out I had the gene it would be like I lived my life with MND anyway, despite the chance I may never develop it.

But now I'm concerned because for about a week now I have felt what I can only describe as 'muscle twitches' around my body.

They come and go, are not painful, and only happen when I'm relaxed such as sitting at my office computer.

I have no other symptoms, but of course the first thing I did was google muscle twitches which immediately brings up results on MND.

I know you should never google symptoms but considering I've never had 'twitches' for this long before, I'm getting slightly worried.

I ride my bike a lot and atm use weights about once or twice a week. I used to go more but for months now I've only managed to go a small number of times.

I drink coffee, but this past week I tried two days without it but It didn't change anything, I was still experiencing the twitches.

I've read a few things on the web and this forum but the opinion seems to differ on twiches being an early symptom of MND.

As I said, I have no muscle waste or weakness.

I'm sorry to come on here and ask, as I realise there are people who on here who have already been diagnosed, and I feel somewhat insensitive.

But I honestly don't know where else to turn as I'm scared of going to the doctors (as I never wanted to know) and I don't want to worry my GF with it.

I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to reply, thank you.