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Thread: Council tax BAND REDUCTION.

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    Council tax BAND REDUCTION.

    Council tax BAND REDUCTION.

    There are several types of council tax discounts available. This for this post relates to to getting
    Council Tax BAND REDUCTION if you have a disability.

    Disabled Band Reduction Scheme

    You may be eligible for the scheme if you live in a larger property than you would need if you or another occupant were not disabled.

    You’ll have to show that you’ve either:
    an extra bathroom, kitchen or other room that you need for the disabled person
    extra space inside the property for using a wheelchair

    The property must be the main home of at least 1 disabled person. This can be an adult or a child - it does not have to be the person responsible for paying the Council Tax.

    Several councils do not make this clear on their website instead of focusing on council tax reductions based on income.

    You need to check your own local authority website but remember this is a national scheme irrespective what's the local authority say if you qualify you can get the reduction. Discount

    Under this scheme would be a reduction to the next lower band and could be several hundred pounds. If you are in band A the lowest band you are still entitled to a reduction usually based on a reduction of ⅙ .

    Finally some local authorities say the reduction is not payable until they have investigated the claim. I think there is a strong case to argue that the reduction should be made from the date the claim is made if it is agreed. This case is made stronger as some local authorities take several weeks to investigate and conclude their review of claims.

    If you make a claim and are happy to share this on the site please do.

    Benefit advice is available free see here
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    Hi Jaff,

    Thanks for posting this for our new members. I made a successful claim 5 years ago based on the fact I had a bathroom installed downstairs.

    Iím going to do this even if it kills me!

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    Good news Just got the news of £350 reduction

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    Ours was backdated to when Steve started using his wheelchair full time. We get £230 reduction a year.


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