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    Lining alone#2

    When I fell in the beginning of August it had a big impact on my confidence to get out of the house and I have now been largely housebound for the best part of 2 months. My main symptom at the moment is poor balance and weakness of my right leg. But it can be very variable both during the day and from day to day. The physio has lent me a wheeled walking frame and I started trialling it last week. But it doesn't help my balance 100% and I feel that even with a walking frame the amount of walking outdoors I can now do will be limited. Also, inside the house, my balance and leg strength feels as though it is worsening. I had another fall inside my house on Saturday, fortunately not breaking anything. My left wrist was initially painful and I struggled to put weight on it but it is now ok, no bruising etc. After getting out of bed today I am surprised at how weak my leg feels. I just climbed out of my front door to take some rubbish out. It is quite a high step and thankfully the OT arranged for handles to be fitted shortly after my diagnosis. But climbing back up that step today was the hardest I had ever found it.
    So, I am concerned that my right leg strength and balance symptoms are progressively worsening and that soon I will be wheelchair bound. But my house still hasn't been converted to be wheelchair accessible. It has been taking ages and ages to get quotes and all the companies are maxed out. And it will not be relatively simple building work, probably an extension to provide a downstairs wetroom and bedroom. So my main question is what will happen if I become wheelchair bound soon and my home hasn't been made wheelchair accessible? As stated many times before, I live alone and feel very isolated and I am terrified and stressed out by the prognosis of MND. A part of me has been proactive and considering planning ahead about some things. But I am struggling to cope on my own, I am largely housebound and often stressed and depressed. And I feel I hardly have a life beyond MND. Every day it seems like I am constantly thinking and worrying about MND.
    SORRY this thread should be titled LIVING alone#2. Spelling mistake
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