Hi everyone

I'm back looking for peoples advice and experiences again. This afternoon I had problems with excessive coughing. It started with some gentle enough coughing but continued to get worse for a while. I noticed that the saliva was thicker than normal and I could not quite get it to clear. It was stringy and I couldn't get it completely up which is terribly frustrating. The coughing fits lasted about three hours but at the end I managed to get one good cough which was nearly like throwing up and suddenly I felt fine. My chest was free and felt clear.

This happens on and off. The last time it happened was last Wednesday and I can go a week or two with no real problems except a little bit of coughing that might last five minutes or there abouts.

What are other peoples experiences with it. Do any foods or drinks bring on excess coughing. I'm trying breath stacking at the moment and it helps me clear my throat. Also I have a nebuliser which some times helps. I've heard of cough assist machines and certain medications that reduce the amount of saliva you produce.

I'm not sure of any of these as the problem only occurs intermittently and I don't want to add more machines and tablets to the regime unless needed. But it could be heading that way. I'm up in the mnd clinic next week and I will be talking to the palliative care nurse later this week but I wanted peoples opinions first.